Toothache Remedies

Toothache remedies are only short term solutions until you can see the dentist. Never delay seeing a dental professional to obtain an accurate diagnosis and treatment options. Remember the pain can go and things can become much worse without you realising until it is too late.

  • Cavities: dip a cotton pellet into clove oil (from the local pharmacy) and place this in the cavity. This contains a dental analgesic called eugenol.
  • Sharp teeth where fillings have fallen out: buy a temporary filling from the local pharmacy. Before you place it in the tooth, make sure the tooth is cleaned then dried so the filling sticks to the tooth.
  • Gum pain can be helped with good brushing technique even if it is painful. If this does not work then consider some topical anaesthetic from the pharmacy. Rub this onto the dried gums with cotton wool.
  • Jaw pain: If the jaw joints hurt, place ice cold substances next to it. If the muscles hurt, place warm substances next to it. Obviously do not burn or freeze the skin.

Visit a dentist as soon as possible to investigate the cause of any problems you may be having. We welcome you to inform us of any other toothache remedies which have not been mentioned.

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