Preventing tooth pain

Brushing habits and diet habits are fundamental to preventing tooth pain and other forms of dental disease. These two factors are in the hands of the patient.

  1. Brushing habits: correct technique is paramount (circular motion aiming at the gums). Interdental cleaning to remove bacteria between the teeth is considerably overlooked. A dental professional should show you how to remove this bacteria effectively so you can implement the technique on a daily basis. Fluoride in toothpaste is now common standard-double check your toothpaste to ensure it contains fluoride (all the big brands will). Consider a daily fluoride rinse-no harm using extra fluoride exposure if you follow the instructions properly. Click here to learn more about tooth brushing or here to learn about interdental cleaning.
  2. Diet habits: brushing 15 minutes after all meals can remove substances which bacteria feed on that can prevent the formation of harmful acids that dissolve the tooth tissues. More info on diet advice can be found here.
  3. Regular Check-ups are essential to spot disease signs early on.

We strongly recommend taking a look at the dedicated children’s dentistry website to educate children on their oral health so they do not suffer from tooth pain

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