Introduction to Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is one of the most common dental problems. It can be prevented so we urge you to read the entire series of tooth pain articles on this site titled: Causes of tooth pain, Preventing tooth pain, Toothache remedies, Visiting the dentist.

Tooth pain is frequently a sharp or aching pain. The pain is commonly caused by the tooth nerves within the tooth roots being irritated by bacteria, damage to the tooth structure resulting in fracture, gum (periodontal), wisdom teeth and bone infections. It is often unknown by the public that several medical conditions can mimic tooth pain. These include ear infections, sinus infections, facial pain (trigeminal neuralgia) and jaw joint (TMJ pain). Symptoms of all those mentioned may manifest as headaches and nerve pain.

From the above the list is very long as to the causes of tooth pain. Always seek professional dental advice to manage your concerns.

So what causes tooth pain?

If you understand what a tooth is composed of and how it is adapted to its surroundings (bone and gum) it becomes evident how a tooth can become infected.

Divide the tooth into two bits, the bit you can see when you smile (crown) and the bottom of the tooth hidden under the gum (root). The root is surrounded by bone which keeps the tooth in its position.

The crown: is composed of an outer layer (enamel), middle sensitive layer (dentine) and inner very sensitive core (pulp). The pulp contains the nutrients of the tooth and nerve endings. Each tooth is essentially alive.

The root: is attached to the bone with a ligament known as the periodontal ligament.

Ok, so we know what a tooth consists of, so what causes tooth pain within the tooth? The inner pulp can become irritated and inflamed. There is no room for a swelling to develop within the tooth so extreme pressure develops  until a hole is made in the top of the tooth and the bacteria removed (root canal therapy).

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