Gum Infection

Gum infections can cause tooth pain if bacteria has managed to spread to the bottom of the tooth resulting in a tooth infection. If this is the case, you may experience a dental abscess or pain on biting foods. You should see a dentist immediately to diagnose the problem.

Advice: If bacteria have caused a tooth infection at the bottom of the tooth then this may cause severe discomfort. You will most likely need root canal therapy or tooth extraction.

Gum Infection FAQs

What do I do if I have a gum infection?

You should attend a dentist as soon as possible. An infection in the gum can be very painful and also threaten the survival chances of the teeth involved.

What can cause a gum abscess?

Gum abscesses are caused by bacteria that have been allowed to spread and congregate in the same area. The dental abscess develops due to the bacteria forming a collection of fluid/pus.

Are gum infections the same as periodontal problems?

These can sometimes be the same but you should never try and diagnose your own condition. Always seek dental advice from a trained professional.

How can gum infections be treated?

Depending on the severity of the infection a range of treatments may be indicated.

  • If the infection is quite small and local, simple cleaning may do the trick.
  • If the infection is larger you might require deeper cleaning over several dental visits.
  • If the gum infection has spread to include the nerve of the tooth you may require a combination of root canal therapy¬† and deep cleaning to any teeth associated.
  • In the worst case the gum infection may be too large to save the tooth associated which may need to be extracted.

Will I need antibiotics for a gum infection?

Possibly. You should not use antibiotics as treatment! Always seek medical advice before taking any medication and do not self prescribe yourself any medication even if you have been given antibiotics in the past. You must always visit your dentist so that they can diagnose your problem correctly and decide upon the correct treatment.