Dentures can often cause some gum pain.

If the dentures have been newly made it will take some time for your mouth to adjust to a new denture. The most important thing is that you try and wear the dentures as much as possible so that when you return to the dentist they are able to see the areas which are sore and adjust as necessary.

If you remove the dentures before you return it will be difficult for the dentist to find the exact cause of the problem.

If your dentures are quite old the soreness may be due to the dentures needing replacement. Your gum shape will change over time and therefore new dentures may be required.

Tight, newly made dentures may put pressure on the remaining teeth causing mild tooth pain. If the tooth pain is unbearable after a week then return to your provider to get the denture adjusted.

Always visit a dentist if you are having trouble with your dentures. Clinical dental technicians can also adjust or fix broken dentures.

Denture Pain Faqs

Why does my denture hurt my gums?

If you have had a new set of dentures made then it will take some time for your gums and the supporting muscles and structures within the mouth to get used to the new set. You should try to wear the dentures as much as possible and attempt eating. Start with soft foods first and then move onto tougher foods once you are more used to them.

If the dentures are causing you pain even after a few weeks of wearing the dentures return to your dentist or clinical dental technician who can make adjustments to improve the fit.

Do not try and adjust the dentures at home!

Do I need to have a new set of dentures made if mine are old?

Old dentures do not necessarily need to be remade if you are not having any trouble with them. Over time the shape of the gums will change and you will most likely need a new set of dentures or a new lining on your current dentures to match the new shape. The shape will also change if more natural teeth are taken out and additions made to the denture.

You should always have your dentures assessed by a dentist so that they can tell you if you need a new set.

The teeth on my denture are very worn, should I  get new ones made?

If the teeth are worn then this can affect your eating and cause jaw pain to begin. The denture teeth will wear down over time and therefore if they have got to a stage that is causing trouble you should find a dentist to make you a new set.

I can’t eat with my dentures, what should I do?

If you are struggling to eat with your dentures it is important that you attend a dentist so that they can diagnose the problem. There might be several reasons why you are finding it difficult to eat with the dentures and the problem needs to be diagnosed by a trained professional.

Should my dentures fall out?

The dentures are removable and therefore may move slightly when you move. For example if you sneeze your glasses will move.

The dentures however should be stable and not fall out when you are speaking or eating. If your gum ridge is very flat it may be impossible to get a stable set and options such as implants (screws into the bone) can be used to anchor the denture and keep it in place. The implants can only be done if you have a suitable amount of bone but some implant dentists are able to graft bone from other areas in your body.

You should see an implant dentist if you would be interested in this option.

What shall I do if my dentures break?

Do not use superglue or other glues to stick the dentures back together. This can cause further damage to occur when the technician needs to repair them professionally.

If your dentures break you should attend the dentist or dental technician immediately, who can assess the break and decide if the dentures can be fixed or if you will need a new set.

Always try and keep the pieces that have broken safe and take them with you.