Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth must be seen by a dental professional immediately if it is causing tooth pain, as the sensitive part of the tooth may be exposed and the tooth could possibly be a lot weaker depending on how much of it has chipped.

Advice: Avoid putting pressure on the tooth if a large bit of tooth has chipped off. If the chip is less than 1-2mm we recommend seeing a cosmetic dentist to restore the aesthetics by tooth contouring or dental bonding.

Chipped tooth FAQs

What do I do if I have chipped a tooth?

You should always visit the dentist even if the chip is quite small as the impact that caused the tooth to chip can potentially have damaged the nerve inside the tooth. The effects may be seen years later because they develop slowly in some cases.

How is a chipped tooth fixed?

Normally a chip can be simply restored using a tooth-coloured bonded material by the dentist. This can usually be done in one single visit and can provide a good aesthetic result. Advanced dental materials can provide an aesthetically pleasing result meaning that people will not be able to recognise the chip repair as it will look very similar to your natural tooth.

If the chip is very small you may only need some smoothing of the rough edges by the dentist.

Can I repair a chipped tooth, myself?

You will not be able to repair the tooth to a high standard as you will not have access to the right materials that a dentist will have. Therefore we always recommend that you visit your dentist that can place a suitable restoration, which will last long-term.

What if I am getting pain from a chipped tooth?

You must visit a dentist immediately. Pain can potentially mean that the tooth is seriously damaged and the sooner you have the tooth assessed, the higher the chances of a successful restoration. The symptoms will most likely get worse so please visit the dentist as soon as possible.