Causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be difficult to diagnose in some cases. We have provided some useful information on the main causes of tooth pain.

Browse through the following to try and identify the possible causes of the tooth pain:

  • Broken tooth (FAQ’s: What happens if I break a tooth? Is it common to break teeth? How do I fix a broken tooth? I have broken a tooth but am not getting any pain, should I still see the dentist? Is it difficult to repair a broken tooth? Do I need tooth extraction for a broken tooth? Can the broken part of my tooth be kept and used to repair my tooth?)
  • Chipped tooth (FAQ’s: What do I do if I have chipped a tooth? How is a chipped tooth fixed? Can I repair a chipped tooth, myself? What if I am getting pain from a chipped tooth?)
  • Cracked tooth (FAQ’s: What should I do if my tooth is cracked? How do you repair cracked teeth? Will my cracked tooth cause an infection? Can a cracked tooth be saved with root canal?)
  • Dentures (FAQ’s: Why does my denture hurt my gums? Do I need to have a new set of dentures made if mine are old? The teeth on my denture are very worn, should I  get new ones made? I can’t eat with my dentures, what should I do? Should my dentures fall out? What shall I do if my dentures break?)
  • Fillings (FAQ’s: What are tooth fillings? Why are dental fillings needed?  What are the different types of dental fillings for teeth? Can I replace my amalgam fillings with composite fillings? What is the average cost of dental fillings? Why do my fillings hurt? Is it normal to have sensitivity after a tooth coloured filling?)
  • Gingivitis (FAQ’s: What is gingivitis? Why are my gums bleeding?  What are the main signs and symptoms of gingivitis? What is the treatment for gingivitis? Can gingivitis be prevented? Is gingivitis the same as gum disease? Can gingivitis lead to irreversible periodontal disease? My gums have got worse since I have been pregnant, why? Do any of my medical conditions affect my gums?)
  • Gum infection (FAQ’s: What do I do if I have a gum infection? What can cause a gum abscess? Are gum infections the same as periodontal problems? How can gum infections be treated? Will I need antibiotics for a gum infection?)
  • Jaw pain (FAQ’s: What are the causes of jaw pain? I have jaw pain only on one side. Is that normal? Can jaw pain also affect the ear?  How do I treat jaw pain? What is TMJ Treatment?)
  • Periodontitis (FAQ’s: What is periodontitis? Is periodontitis related to gum disease? What are the main periodontal disease symptoms? What is a periodontal abscess? How do you treat periodontal disease? Should I see a specialist in periodontics for my periodontal treatment?)
  • Root canal (FAQ’s: What is a root canal? Why is treatment for root canals needed? How successful is root canal treatment? Is root canal treatment painful? What is the average cost of root canal treatment? How do I prevent root canal infection? Are there alternatives to endodontic root canal treatment?)
  • Sensitive teeth (FAQ’s: How common is sensitive teeth? What are the causes of tooth sensitivity? What is the treatment for sensitive teeth? What is the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth? What is the main reason for teeth sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment?)
  • Sinusitis (FAQ’s: What is sinusitis? How common are sinus infections? What are the symptoms of sinus infections? How do I prevent sinus headaches and sinus pain? How is sinusitis treated?)
  • Teeth whitening (FAQ’s: Can Teeth Whitening cause pain? How long will the pain last after dental tooth whitening? What are the best ways of providing tooth whitening relief? Is dental whitening safe then? What are the main side effects of home teeth whitening? What are the risks of teeth whitening? Does tooth whitening last forever?)
  • Tooth abscess (FAQ’s: What is a tooth abscess? What are the signs of tooth infection? What is the treatment for a tooth abscess? Can antibiotics alone treat tooth abscesses?)
  • Tooth decay (FAQ’s: What causes tooth decay? Are tooth cavities caused by dental decay? Can tooth decay cause toothache? How is tooth decay treated? How do you prevent tooth decay?)
  • Tooth extraction (FAQ’s: Why may I need a tooth extracted? Is tooth extraction painful? What is the process of tooth extraction? How does wisdom tooth extraction differ? What should I do after tooth extraction? Is post-op tooth extraction infection common?)
  • Tooth infection (FAQ’s: What is a tooth infection? Are tooth infections difficult to treat? Are infections such as dental abscesses common? Which are the prescribed antibiotics for tooth infection?)
  • Wisdom teeth (FAQ’s: What are wisdom teeth? Why do wisdom teeth hurt? Are wisdom teeth removed by any dentist? Is removal of wisdom teeth painful? What should I know after wisdom tooth removal?)
  • Other (FAQ’s: Food packing)

Remember a professional dental opinion is always required.