Toothache from Fillings

Unfortunately nothing has been found to replicate natural tooth exactly as of yet so we are still having to use the materials available to restore teeth that are either broken or have cavities due to decay.

Decay in teeth is the commonest cause of toothache and fillings are one of the most routine treatments that dentists will offer.

Sugar in foods and drinks are the main cause of the this decay but luckily thanks to advances in toothpastes and food companies the amount of decay that we see is reducing.

Unfortunately also in the past old techniques meant that dentists were taught to remove larger amounts of tooth than required to prevent potential future problems developing in the tooth. This method was called ‘extension for prevention’ which we know today is not the best way to place fillings and has left many people with fillings much larger than they would have required.

Since these fillings materials do not match our natural tooth completely there may be the need to replace the fillings over times as they can leak or become worn much faster than our natural teeth.

If you are experiencing any toothache from your fillings it is vitally important that you visit your dentist so that they can be checked. Your dentist may have to taken some radiographs (using x-rays) to tell if there is any decay developing underneath the fillings.

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