Toothache From Chipped Teeth

Similar to the article on broken teeth, chipped teeth may cause pain or toothache. Many factors are involved but primarily the size of the chip will influence whether any pain is felt or not.

Depending upon the size of the chip treatment may or may not be needed however as always we recommend visiting the dentist to ascertain whether action is required otherwise further problems may develop.

Listed below are some of the treatment options that might be available depending on the size of the fracture:

Chips — Minor chips don’t always need treatment. Your dentist may suggest repairing the chipped portion with filling material to prevent it from getting worse or to make the tooth look and feel better. This will most likely be done with a bonded tooth coloured material and is known as ‘bonding’. If the chip is very small, the dentist may polish and smooth the surrounding natural tooth to help blend it in this is known as ‘contouring’.

Broken cusp — These breaks affect the pointed chewing surfaces (the cusps) of the teeth. They usually do not affect the nerve of the tooth and are unlikely to cause much pain.
Your dentist may repair the damage to restore the tooth’s shape with a bonded tooth coloured material or again using some contouring techniques to smooth the area. However if there is substantial damage to the cusps an onlay (a small hat for the tooth) or crown (crash helemt for the tooth) will be required, to protect the remaining tooth helping it to survive in your mouth for longer.

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