Teething Pain

Through my clinical experience I have come across a lot of parents who get very concerned that there children or babies are having pain from the baby teeth that are erupting(also known as teething pain).

I thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on the potential problems of teething.

Teething pain

During teething babies may experience some discomfort as the teeth are pushing through the gums to take position in the mouth. This will normally begin at the age of 6months and last upto age 3-4 by which point the child should have all 20 baby teeth.

Different children will have slightly different eruption patterns so don’t be alarmed if your child has less or more teeth than another child of the same age. Howevere if you are concerned always seek a dentist’s opinion for peace of mind.

I have come across some children that grind there teeth during these years as a relief to the discomfort they experience during this teething process. You may hear a grating sound whilst the child is grinding there teeth and the teeth may also appear to become smaller in appearance.

Teething toys and products can be useful in soothing this also.

If you are concerned about your child’s habit we advise you to seek a dental professional’s opinion. You can get in touch with our contact form and we can arrange for a local dentist in your area to contact you.

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