Denture pain

Many of my patients I have seen over the years have suffered with problematic teeth for many years in the fear of wearing dentures.

Unlike today previously many older generations never received the same in-depth education regarding our oral health and teeth as children receive today. It is therefore no surprise that our aging population is having to deal with troublesome tooth problems.

In fact many of the problems that we see today are caused by old techniques used in dentistry even in some cases where people would be recommended to have all there teeth removed and provided with dentures to prevent future problems arising in the future.
Certainly this is not the case today but has left many people with dealing with dentures.

Thankfully due to modern advances in dentistry there are many options to replacing missing teeth and dentures is only one of them.

The quality of the materials that can be used for dentures has also improved and now people are finding them more comfortable than ever.
Dentures can also be made incorporating dental implants, which are fixed in the jaw bones and help to secure the dentures in place offering a fantastic option for patients who have lost all of there teeth.

You should not put up with troublesome teeth that are likely to get infected causing severe toothache. See your dentist and ask for all of the options of replacement. You might be surprised!

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