Bleeding Gums But No Pain!

Over the years I have examined many patients that complain of bleeding gums, which cause no pain.

Does this mean that there is nothing wrong?

If your gums are bleeding regularly and readily it is a sign that something is wrong and therefore warrants an appointment with your dentist even if you do not have any pain.

Here are some professional thoughts to share with you.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding of your gums is a sign of some inflammation. This inflammation might not be visible to the untrained eye however the bacteria in the plaque that builds up in between our teeth will cause the gums to slightly inflame leading onto the bleeding when the gums are disrupted commonly whilst brushing your teeth.

Dental plaque contains bacteria which your own body’s defenses will try to fight. These plaque fighters are carried in the bloodstream and all rush to the area where the bacteria are congregated (dental plaque/tartar). This also leads to inflammation of the gums since all these plaque fighter are packed into a small area.

This bleeding is the start of gingivitis otherwise known as gum disease and is the leading cause of tooth loss.

If the plaque is not removed effectively with brushing and interdental cleaning more severe bacteria and toxins will be released by the plaque and your own body’s defenses which both contribute to destroying the bone around that tooth that keeps the teeth secure in the gums. Once this bone is destroyed the teeth will become looser and eventually be lost.

During these latter stages pain may be associated with the disease but by this point the damage may be irreversible.

The moral of this snippet is that bleeding gums are the BEGINNING of many problems that may progress to a point where damage is irreversible.

It is very important that you do not ignore these signs of bleeding gums and visit a dentist as soon as possible so that a full assessment of your gum health can be carried out.

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