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Toothache from Fillings

Unfortunately nothing has been found to replicate natural tooth exactly as of yet so we are still having to use the materials available to restore teeth that are either broken or have cavities due to decay. Decay in teeth is … Continue reading

Denture pain

Many of my patients I have seen over the years have suffered with problematic teeth for many years in the fear of wearing dentures. Unlike today previously many older generations never received the same in-depth education regarding our oral health … Continue reading

Toothache from Gingivitis

Gingivits (Gum disease) is a very common cause of toothache and although the actual tooth may not be infected the pain can often feel as though it is coming directly from the tooth. Gingivitis affects almost everyone at some point. … Continue reading

Toothache from Gum Infections

Gum infections can be a source of toothache. The problems that they cause can be very uncomfortable but the good news is that there are Periodontal disease is caused by specific types of bacteria. Killing these bacteria can help to … Continue reading

Toothache From Chipped Teeth

Similar to the article on broken teeth, chipped teeth may cause pain or toothache. Many factors are involved but primarily the size of the chip will influence whether any pain is felt or not. Depending upon the size of the … Continue reading

Broken Tooth Pain

A broken tooth giving no pain is just as important ┬áto be assessed as broken tooth pain! Teeth are extremely strong, but they can chip, crack (fracture) or break. This can be caused by many factors. Here is a list … Continue reading

Teething Pain

Through my clinical experience I have come across a lot of parents who get very concerned that there children or babies are having pain from the baby teeth that are erupting(also known as teething pain). I thought it would be … Continue reading

Cracked Teeth

Similar to broken teeth and chipped teeth, cracked teeth can often be the source of toothache. However in this instance cracked teeth are more commonly seen by your dentist during an examination when they are very small and will be … Continue reading

Bleeding Gums But No Pain!

Over the years I have examined many patients that complain of bleeding gums, which cause no pain. Does this mean that there is nothing wrong? If your gums are bleeding regularly and readily it is a sign that something is … Continue reading

Root Canal Procedure

Root canal treatment is very common and it is almost the last line of defence to save a tooth, rather than having it extracted. Broadly speaking, when the nerve of a tooth becomes affected and causes pain, the only way … Continue reading